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91e Congres Visuel RS carre 1
L’époque actuelle est incontestablement riche en développements dans le domaine de l’exploration spatiale. Alors que le retour d’humains en orbite autour de la Lune (Artemis II) et sur la Lune (Artemis III) est imminent, les missions robotisées d’exploration spatiale s’y préparent activement. Des astromobiles, dans le cadre de missions telles que V... Read all
LPSC 2023 banner
In the last few months, members of the T-MARS team had the opportunity to participate to two international scientific conferences. Éloïse Brassard, Stéphanie Lachance and Gaëlle Belleau-Magnat, three master's students and professor Myriam Lemelin took part in january 2023 in the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's ... Read all
For our first event of the Fall, we are excited to bring you a panel with three McGill Researchers who study our fascinating neighbor, Mars! Come and hear the exciting work that Erin Gibbons, Debarati Das, and Richard Léveillé do related to Mars, its habitability, and the high-tech robots that we land on its surface! You have questions? They have ... Read all
GIS Day 2020
As part of GIS Day 2020, on November 18, Pre Myriam Lemelin of the Department of Applied Geomatics at UdeS presented a conference on Geomatics beyond Earth: Use in Space Science. Conference Summary: Numerous space exploration missions have explored the different celestial bodies of our solar system for several decades now. Some missions are current... Read all
Video Myriam cover
From environmental problems to space exploration missions: Myriam Lemelin's story is astonishing. By studying geospatial data, this professor of applied geomatics discovers the potential of these tools in a planetary science context. Through her research, she has come to understand that environmental problems on Earth are inseparable from everythin... Read all
Rover Perseverance
On July 30, 2020, the most sophisticated rover ever designed by NASA, Perseverance, launched for the Red Planet to analyze its surface at its arrival on February 18, 2021.... Read all
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