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A successful first field campaign for the T-MARS team


Éloïse Brassard

The T-MARS (Terrestrial Mineral Analysis by Remote Sensing) project team, led by Professor Myriam Lemelin, conducted its first field data acquisition campaign this summer. Three M.Sc. students had the opportunity to travel near the McGill Arctic Research Station on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, to collect the geological samples and spectral data needed for their work. The students are part of a six-person multidisciplinary field team, one of whose goals is to spread research and create educational vignettes for high school students. Congratulations to the entire team on a successful first campaign!

The T-MARS project (UdeS) is realized with the financial support of the Canadian Space Agency and the logistical support of the Polar Continental Shelf Program.

Visit our Field Work 2022 webpage for all the details on the team's journey!

Listen to an interview with Cassandra Marion, member of the field team

Camp view

Figure 1: When the area was not covered in fog, the scenery at the team's first base camp was remarkable! Photo: Sean Clark, 2022.

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