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Benoît DesRochers

Research Assistant (Fall 2020)

Hello! My name is Benoît. I'm currently a student in a bachelor's degree in Environmental Geomatics, and also an intern in the T-MARS project. I have always been captivated by space exploration and the secrets that the immensity of space brings. My duties within the team are quite varied and include the spectral analysis of geological samples from the Canadian Arctic. I also do a literature review to identify known locations on Mars where certain minerals that may indicate aqueous alteration processes are present.

I had the opportunity to visit the Canadian Arctic twice in my life, during operations with the Royal Canadian Navy. These operations gave me the opportunity to sail several nautical miles in this region and to set foot in Pond Inlet and Nanisivik during the summers of 2017 and 2019. I developed a deep respect and a certain fascination for this region of the world that is both untouched by humans and so vulnerable.

I am glad to be part of the T-MARS project, as it is a springboard for me in the field of space exploration. I plan to continue my studies in order to specialize in the field of artificial intelligence and apply it to geomatics. It is my hope that this specialization will allow me to contribute to future space exploration projects in order to enrich the knowledge in this field.

Picture Benoît DesRochers