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Hats of to you
Congratulations to Éloïse Brassard, national winner of the Excellence in Science segment of the Hats Off to You! contest last July. Éloïse, an intern with the T-MARS team and a bachelor's student in geomatics applied to the environment, won the $2,000 Environment Prize. This prize was awarded by the Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contr... Read all
Picture Myriam Lemelin
Congratulations to our professor Myriam Lemelin for her new Canada Research Chair in Northern and Planetary Geological Remote Sensing. We are proud to have Professor Lemelin's expertise in our department! In addition, Professor Lemelin has obtained funding from the Canadian Space Agency's FAST program (Flights and Fieldwork for the Advancement of S... Read all
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